Our years of industry experience allows us to provide amazing services and expertise to generate publicity for a product, service or a brand through RSS feeds, social news, bookmarking sites and social media platforms.


smo (social media optimization)

The world is revolving around social media sites and so are the brands because the target audience is very active on these sites. The Internet World has given rise to various marketing and branding opportunities to all types of products and services; fading the geographical boundaries and making the whole world a Global Village. Along with the opportunities, the competition has also increased relatively; increasing the need for digital tools like social media optimization and others.

Digi AllStar is your neighbourhood Social Media Optimization genius that can help your business utilize the various social media platforms to get more visibility and reach the audience across all boundaries. A good SMO strategy will not only help you get visibility, but will also complement your SEO strategy and make your business rank at the top of search engine result pages.


The basic goal of an effective SMO strategy is to increase your brand’s social media presence to drive more traffic towards your website and help you get more brand recognition. We can help you create strong social media presence to target thousands of potential customers and offer a higher return on investment.


Why SMO is necessary?

Social Media Optimization is one of the most necessary digital tool in today’s world because of the simple fact that there are billions of users on all these platforms, looking for products and services across all industries. Ignoring such a huge market is not a good approach towards growth, but if tapped correctly, your brand value and sales can increase manifolds.

When you hire Digi AllStar professionals, we study the marketplace to gather information about your target customers. The aim is to know the platforms that your customers are most active on and then develop a SMO strategy to target them in the most creative ways.

Encourage Mashup

The world is shifting towards the practice of sharing; the most important step of any SMO strategy. If you encourage users to use your content within reason to create mashups, it drives the user towards your brand.

Increase Link ability

It simply means that you need to aggregate content that exists on other platforms into a useful format and increase link creation to organic website traffic.

Help the Content Travel

When you are creating content, if you make it available in the form of PDFs, video/audio files, then it helps people to download them; further helping your content to travel and your brand to get more recognition.

How Digi AllStar Makes a difference?

Digi AllStar professionals claim to be one of the best SMO service providers in California with clients across all types of industries. The Internet World needs all businesses to utilize social media platforms to its maximum abilities and invent new strategies to market themselves. With years of experience and expertise, we focus on providing our clients with amazing services and help them acquire more market share in a short period of time with our creative and effective SMO strategies.


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Digital platforms allow you to stay active even when you are not around i.e. when we design a SMO strategy for any business, we make sure that the brand is targeting its potential customers at all times of the day, with high-quality content and an innovative approach. Attracting the customer is the biggest barrier, which we easily overcome with the help of our qualified and knowledgeable professionals.

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