Responsive Web Design, why your website should be responsive?

Responsive Website Design

Over the years we have seen mobile phone technology touching new heights and still evolving with a great pace.  Web connectivity of your mobile device, tablet and smart phones has opened a vast arena to an individual to work, shop, and entertain while on a go.  To sit in your chair and work on your PC is finding new options out of mobile device.  A good majority of people is using smart phones for gaming, social media and online shopping with other uses.

Therefore the potential of mobile device is offering a great deal to spread online business. But it can become possible only if your business websites are adaptive to mobile devices or say are responsive.

When the use of smart phones is registering a rapid pace the business fraternity can’t remain ignorant to the high advantage it offers to them to target a huge ocean of potential clients.  In this context the digital marketing is setting new trends to tap smart phone users and attracting them to their shopping sites.  In other words a great selling opportunity through smart phones is the new platform for digital marketing but for that a mobile friendly website is required and that website has to be responsive.  Here responsive stands for a quality of a website which can befit any smart phone small or big screen to avoid any kind of hassle to the user while surfing a shopping site.

So, we have found following substantial reasons as to why your website should be responsive or mobile friendly in the Digital Marketing Era:-

Gradually increasing use of mobiles – Mobile connectivity is spreading like a jungle fire.  Every youth or mature are mad to own a latest and app filled versions of mobile devices.  Today mobile devices are so app rich that it has everything to keep you engaged from entertainment to shopping besides so many other uses. The number of mobile devices has outnumbered the global population.Therefore compatibility of a website with a mobile device is desirable to have more and more visitors.

Social Media -Social Media is a great platform to the people to interact, exchange and convey views through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many others.  A mobile friendly website is bound to see more visitors and catch attention of mobile users.

Digital Marketing – Online Business like the previous years is not confined to a PC.  Now it has had new horizons after the advent of Smart Phones which has been providing new vistas to reach huge masses only if your business website is a responsive one.

Different Types of Devices – As the people use different types of devices which are of different sizes then the responsive website can be the right option to avoid burden of two websites i.e. Main Website and Second Website or Mobile Version of that Site, both can be managed with a Responsive Website.

Compatibility – The Responsive Website provides a better experience to the user because the entire site fits on the mobile screen of any device which the user is using hence rids him or her of scrolling and all that horrible pinching and zooming.

The above few points are clearly indicative why a website must be mobile friendly and responsive.  Seeing the trends Google also holds the same view about a responsive mobile website.

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