PPC marketing, when done right, can drive highly relevant traffic to your website, most of which converts into paying customers since they are already looking for the services/products that you offer. When it comes to setting up and maintaining PPC ad campaigns, Digi AllStar is your first point of contact in the world of online marketing.


Pay per click management

With PPC ad campaigns, you can skip the queue and get your website or any specific landing page to the top of search engine results. Using PPC strategies, we will help you create sponsored ads for a specific landing page you want to draw traffic to. These ads will appear at the top of search engine's results and have the highest chances of being visited by the users. This type of ad campaign is called Pay Per Click because every time a user clicks on your ad, the search engine will charge you a small fee, which depends on your budget and is decided while setting up the campaign.


When an experienced PPC expert like Digi AllStar manages your PPC campaign, rest assured that you will get quality clicks, which are most likely to translate into meaningful conversions. We optimize your budget for the campaign in such a way that every penny works for you and the end results are always profitable and much more worth than the overall cost of the campaign.


Why should you outsource your PPC campaign to an expert

You might want to explore and experiment with your PPC campaigns so that you can manage them efficiently in future, but you will lose a lot of time and money in the process. Further, one wrong step might harm your business' reputation. So why take the risk when there's a significant investment riding on your campaign? PPC experts are learned professionals who are fully conversant with the market's situation and can provide the right advice to run your PPC marketing campaign smoothly and profitably.

Account Set-up

First of all, we will set up a Google Adwords account, which is the most popular platform for running PPC campaigns, and bid on top keywords and pay on a per-click basis. The process is fast and quickly gets your ads appearing at the top of Search Engine results.

Budget for the campaign

After extensive research on your niche and business, we help you decide a budget, which is usually on per-click basis. The per-click cost is set in relation to how much the subsequent sale means to your business. If the cost of the 'click' is worth the value it will bring to your business, then you can safely give the go-ahead for budget allotment. Our experts have years of experience in running PPC campaigns, and so you can count on our advice, which, of course, would be backed by extensive research.


PPC campaigns are dynamic in nature. One simply cannot start a campaign and sit back. There should be constant monitoring, followed by necessary upgrades or downgrades, depending on your campaign's performance. We will increase the budget if the results are desirable but strategically reduce the budget should things go south. Managing is important to keep track of your campaign and make sure every penny is well spent.

Why Should You Entrust Your PPC Campaigns to Digi AllStar ?

PPC Campaigns guarantee high success rate, and the reason being your campaign will be favoured by the platform itself you are advertising on. When you are running a PPC campaign on Google, you are paying it to not only get your ad to the top but also keep it relevant to the end user in every way possible.


Digi AllStar understands the PPC industry inside and out, which makes it the most sought-after pay per click advertising company in California.

Spending money on your PPC ads is like a shot in the dark unless you have a knowledgeable expert at your disposal. Apart from setting the campaign and deciding the appropriate budget, there are other important things that need to be taken care of – the foremost being optimizing your landing page for the PPC campaign and ensuring relevance to maintain desired click-through rate. All this can be taken care of by PPC management experts at Digi AllStar.

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“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.”

Running PPC campaigns might be a risky affair if you don't have the complete information and pre-requisite knowledge. But you shouldn't worry about at all as long as you have a CPC marketing expert by your side. However, you must focus on strengthening your core business operations in order to accommodate the growing customer-base.

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