Reputation is built over the years, but it takes just one moment to knock it down to ashes. In the online world, it is really difficult to resurrect a demolished reputation, especially when you don't know how to go about it.


orm (online reputation management)

Internet might work in favour of your business, but one shouldn't be oblivious of the fact that it could function differently if it were used against you. Rivalry is inevitable in the business world, but there might be a few businesses out there who would stoop down to tarnish your reputation in the meanest ways possible.

While you may also think positive customer reviews would help your business prosper, you can't stop imposters from flooding those common reviews site with negative comments and all bad things about your business. Feels terrible, right? Not anymore.

Here comes Digi AllStar to your rescue. We have been at the top of Internet marketing game for over 12 years and still raising the bar and setting benchmarks for our peers. We provide online reputation management services to protect your business from any sort of negative marketing – no matter how trivial or escalated..


Online world is more vast than you may think, and majority of it is unregulated. Apparently, you do not have control over people's intentions and what they think about you, but you can definitely control what they say about you. Connect with Digi AllStar to know how you can do that.


Why ORM is important?

No matter how positive your testimonials appear or how far-reaching your influence may be in the online world, you would never know when and where a negative anecdote is spreading like a tumor. Online Reputation Management is focused on identifying and neutralizing any elements that may be harmful to your business' reputation. This is done using advanced reputation management tools and manual tracking and monitoring across various platforms where your prospective customers might visit.

Being one of the top reputation management companies in California, we employ the most innovative, effective strategies to protect and enhance your business' reputation. These strategies have been perfected over the years, and they are bound to work since they will be tailored to the current problem you may be grappling with.

Tracking and Monitoring

The first step is to learn what is being said about your business and identify the intent or sentiment, whether it's negative, positive or neutral. Knowing this will create a springboard to launch your online reputation management strategies. Most likely, they will be relevant and effective. Our experts employ professional tools to track and monitor anything said about you, across different platforms, using key phrases that represent your business or are related to it in one way or the other.


Although these tools can efficiently track online conversations about your business and measure the sentiment, we leave nothing to chance. The tools may be great at tracking conversations but they are still not advanced enough to measure the sentiment accurately, especially when something is written in a sarcastic tone. That's why our experts go through every result manually and interpret the true meaning and intent so that nothing falls through the crack.


After gathering all the facts and required information, we deploy strategies to get all your ducks in a row, addressing and resolving one issue at a time so that you can sit back and relax or focus on strengthening your core business operations.
Our proactive approach will help your business build resistance to all the negativity looming around. Also, our experts will plan a calendar ahead of time to ensure the right action is being taken at the right time.

How Digi AllStar Makes a difference?

Digi AllStar is one of the best online reputation management companies in California, with immense credibility and a huge clientele across industries. Being one of the top internet reputation management companies in California, we promise the best services and desired outcomes, within the predetermined time frame.

If, somehow, your business' reputation came under scrutiny, your competitors wouldn't resist a gloat and might also try to make the situation worse for you. This is where you need reputation management services to keep your business' reputation afloat.


The fastest route to victory passes through proactive ORM strategies

Digi AllStar is an established online reputation management agency in California that has helped thousands of clients build and maintain an impeccable reputation in the eyes of their prospects, which in turn helped their turnovers soar.

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